Best Candy Subscription Boxes of 2021

I have reviewed the best candy subscription boxes for you. Well we all love candy, right? Who would not like a monthly box of yummy candy delivered to them, what a lovely surprise! Candy subscription boxes are a great gift for you, or your family and friends. I will only feature the best candy subscription boxes that I can find. As I try new candy boxes, if they are good, I will list them here. Scroll down for our favourite candy subscription boxes 🙂

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Here is the list of all the candy subscription boxes I have looked at on this site. Either click on those that interest you, or scroll down to see them all.

The Sweets Box

Unique, classic, international, and new candy!

“Each monthly experience is an amazing selection of candy. Some will be classic favourites while others will be brand new items you’ve never seen before, even some international items. Each box will be packed with excitement and will make your taste buds say “OH YEAH” Each month we bring between 9-13 full sized pieces of candy right to your door.”


This fun candy box sometimes even has seasonal box content (love the Halloween themed box). You get some sweet, some sour and some things I’ve never seen before. Lots of variety. The shipping was a little costly for me, but I think the over-all value is good for this yummy sweets box.

Classic Candy Box

A monthly subscription box filled with a variety of hard-to-find classic candy.

“You’ll feel like a kid in the candy store when you open your first Classic Candy Box! We have a huge variety of all the classic candy you loved as a kid. Each month you can expect to receive full-sized, hard to find classic candies throughout the decades. Enjoy different candies each month from the early 1900’s to 1980’s! Great for corporate gifts.”


This candy subscription box reminded me of my childhood favourites! I love the leaflet included outlining the history behind each type of candy placed inside. I was very surprised to see how much candy was included. I should mention that there is not a lot of chocolate in this box, so if you are more a chocolate lover this box may not be for you. I highly recommended this box for those how miss some candy favourites.

The LollyBox

A monthly themed box with 16 unique lollipop flavors each month!

“The Lolly Box is one of the most unique candy gifts you can give or receive every month. Every Lolly Box contains 16 unique hand-poured, gourmet lollipops curated around a new theme every month. Order by the 5th of each month to receive the box. It will ship monthly on the 10th!”


This lolly box is one for those who like great tasting lollipops. These are not your average lollipops though, very creative flavours such as margarita, spicy pumpkin and hot chocolate. They melt very evenly in your mouth. Leah sometimes even sends out fun little themed lollipops. Considering how amazing these candy lollipops are, I think this candy box represents great value.

Jackie’s Chocolate

Creamy truffles, chewy caramels and artisan chocolates delivered to your door each month.

“The perfect treat to pamper yourself or surprise a loved one. Each month, you’ll receive a scrumptious assortment of artisan chocolates including creamy truffles, chewy caramels and fluffy marshmallows enrobed in silky milk chocolate, decadent dark chocolate and velvety white chocolate. Approximately 15 chocolates per box.”


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Especially chocolate that shows up as a surprise once a month? Nothing could be sweeter. The regular chocolate caramel is out of this world. The sugar free caramels are on par with “regular” chocolates. Honestly, the sugar free options don’t taste sugar-free at all. Shipping was quick. This box is certainly one for chocolate lovers, and the option for sugar free chocolates is a welcome inclusion for those of us concerned about our weight.

Marshmallow of the Month Club

Indulge in a symphony of natural flavored, artisan marshmallows, curated teas, coffees, and cocoas.

“Our marshmallows are made with all-natural ingredients and colors to infuse flavor and brighten each batch. Our marshmallows are made using fish-based gelatin, perfect for pescatarians! Treat yourself with our egg free and corn syrup free marshmallows. Our guilt-free confections are perfect for an hour of me-time!”


This is one of my favorite candy subscription boxes, and I order so very many subscription boxes! This box is truly a work of art. Every box is unique, with a well thought out theme. The marshmallows are sublime, as are the cookies and the extra touches. Possibly my only complaint is that I wanted more!

Jessies Nutty Cups

Handcrafted Peanut Butter Cups sent directly to your door!

“A subscription box for anyone who loves chocolate and peanut butter. Jessie’s Nutty Cups are handcrafted peanut butter cups (and occasional almond butter cups) that come in a variety of delicious flavors such as Dark Sea Salt, PBJ and Oreo. We make our own nut butter and use Belgian chocolate for these wonderfully Nutty morsels.”


Although this is not one of the cheaper candy boxes, it is quality, it even ships with an ice-pack to keep your treats fresh. Amazing peanut butter cups, these are well made. The presentation is lovely, and a lovely gift each month. Highly recommended.

Wildflower Confections

Handmade Artisan Chocolates from Montana!

“Why Wildflower Confections? We like beauty, quality, and nature, and that is what you get with Wildflowers Confections chocolates. You will receive our pure & simple, best ingredients we know of chocolates made with our unique approach. We agree with, support, and engage in the use of natural, organic, and non-GMO food items.”


Great tasting chocolates. Very creative, and very clean. No corn syrup or sugar syrup, so not overly sweet, I can taste the quality. This is such amazing chocolate that you only need to eat one or two pieces to feel satisfied. Maybe a touch on the pricey side, after you include shipping, but well worth it.

More candy subscription boxes to come! The above list of candy boxes is not complete, however, I have put the best candy boxes first! If you want to see more candy subscription boxes, or visit our sister site Candy and Treats.

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Please check back soon as we are currently working actively on bringing you more candy subscription boxes 🙂